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NFL Picks: Week 3 NFL Teaser Picks

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NFL Picks: Week3 Teasers

Follow along as I give mybest teaser combinations for our NFL picks during Week 3. All of these are 6-pointteasers.

Vikings & Patriots

TheVikings get to face the T Rich-less Browns before anyone else does, and sincethey are playing at home against now possibly the worst team in the NFL, Ithink there is enough here to warrant betting them to win. Since we missed outon the opening line of that game which was Vikings -3 ½ in the NFL Odds, I seeteasing them to a pick em is the best value we can squeeze out now that theVikes are almost a touchdown favorite. Minnesota isn’t that good either, butthe Browns may not crack double figures here. 

The Patsare playing at home as well, and they get a slightly less, but definitely stilldysfunctional team in the Bucs. Even though New England has been struggling,teasing them down to -1 seems like a solid value play for this game to go alongwith Minnesota. The Bucs are atrocious on offense outside of Doug Martin andVincent Jackson, and I see the Pats’ defense taking advantage of the bad QBplay from Josh Freeman.

My Pick: Vikings PK & Patriots -1 @Bookmaker


Packers & Dolphins

GreenBay has a tough one this week in Cincinnati, but teasing them to over a fieldgoal underdog seems to put the value squarely on their side. I think they couldeasily win this game outright, but I can almost guarantee they won’t lose thisgame by more than a field goal. +3 ½ is solid first team value with Green Bay.The Bengals may lack the offensive firepower to play catch up if the Packersjump out to an early lead.

TheDolphins get the pleasure of playing the beat up Falcons this week, and theyare only a -1 favorite at home in the NFL Odds. Teasing Miami to +5 isexcellent value considering all of the injuries that are facing the Falcons.Plus Atlanta is only 1-3-1 ATS in their last five road games. Without StevenJackson, Sean Witherspoon, and with Roddy White banged up, the Dolphins shouldwin this game, but +5 makes it even juicier.

My Pick: Packers +3 ½ & Dolphins +5 @Matchbook


Bears & Lions

TheBears are facing the battered Steelers on the road in this one, and as they arecoming in as road favorites, teasing them to +3 ½ like the Packers seems like agreat value. The Steelers’ offense won’t be able to keep up in this game,partially because they stink, and partially because of the Bears’ stellardefense. Teasing Chicago to +3 ½ is exceptional value against a Steelers teamthat might have been worse than the Browns before Cleveland traded TrentRichardson.

Finally,the Lions are slight underdogs on the road this week in Washington. Even ifReggie Bush does not play, I still think teasing the Lions to +8 against astruggling team like Washington is a great value. Joique Bell will fill innicely for Bush if he can’t go, and even though both defenses stink, I thinkthe Lions could win this game, let alone cover +8 as the second team in ourteaser.

My Pick: Bears +3 ½ & Lions +8 @ TheGreek

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