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Next US President Odds: Sportsbook Market Changes

Sportsbook Review takes a look at the US Presidential betting market odds swings in the last seven days. SBR recently released a market watch report the weekend following the first GOP debate.

Several candidates odds have shifted since that time, with online sportsbooks taking significant wagering volume on the candidates. A master list of these odds can be found in the political betting directory.

Sportsbooks have adjusted Hillary Clinton by 8.5% since August 9. The best odds on Clinton are now -110 to win the general Presidential election in November 2016.

Jeb Bush has had a 14% market gain with his odds improving to +300 from +350.

Donald Trump has had a small gain of 5% from +1300 to +1000 and is closing in on being spread at less than 10 to 1.

Scott Walker has had a 13% gain following the first GOP debate and is available at the market price of +1450.

Below is a list of all top candidates odds movement categorized by change in the positive direction first, then negative. It should be noted of course that sports bettors who disagree with the bookmakers may find most value in the prices which are getting bigger or staying the same, such as Rand Paul's odds inflating from a +2200 shot to +2600.

Candidate Odds 8/9 Odds today Change
Hillary Clinton -120 -110 8.5%
Jeb Bush +350 +300 14%
Donald Trump +1300 +1000 5%
Scott Walker +1700 +1450 13%
Bernie Sanders +1800 +1450 15%
Joe Biden +2750 +2200 20%
Elizabeth Warren +8500 +6000 29.5%
Martin O'Malley +12500 +10000 20%
Rand Paul +2200 +2600 -15%
Marco Rubio +1250 +1400 -11%
Ted Cruz +4000 +4000 0%
Chris Christie +5000 +5000 0%

Sportsbook Review will keep readers updated on the market shifts in the US President odds swings in the political betting markets list.