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New Sportsbook SportsPlayingWorld enters the SBR rating guide at F

Recent Reports referencing 4SportsPicks:

5/15/2007 06:21 PM

4sportspicks (SBR rating F) owner back accepting deposits and marketing under new name, Playing24Hours. 4sportspicks bounced around Costa Rica creating new debt with both players and operating providers before the site closed to the general public, serving only credit players out of the SportsCallCenter F.A. facility. The sportsbook, which also uses the domain, has been calling bettors from their old client lists offering large bonuses. Playing24Hours has entered the SBR Rating Guide at F.

5/11/2007 07:36 PM

PalaceBet: Scam sportsbook ran by Scamdicappers and SportsCallCenter F.A.
The Con: Fake professional handicappers refer players to Palacebet. The player signs up at the site and sends his deposit to PalaceBet. His balance is instantly controlled by the pro handicappers, who are referred to by the book's customer service as "the player's Sports Advisors." The bettor is then promised a line of credit so he can bet larger sums on the "advisors' syndicate picks." He is told he must cover a $4,000 transaction cost for a bank wire from the touts to his account (which never occurs since the book simply adjusts the available balance in the software) and is promised it will be reimbursed to him upon cashing out. If the player is lucky enough to survive the "syndicate picks" that are designed to eat away his bankroll, he is asked to deposit another $4,000 in transaction fees before he can have access to his funds including the money he deposited. A player who complained to SBR is told he must pay $4,000 to keep his account active after winning $20,000. PalaceBet is hosted and serviced by SportsCallCenter F.A. in Costa Rica and also services DreamWager (SBR rating D-). The operation briefly serviced 4sportspicks (SBR rating F) (until January 2007) and previously hosted defunct BigDaveSports.