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New bwin (SBR rating C) player reports canceled bet after win

Player: I have read about your follow-up in a case with a cancelled NBA wager with Bwin, and I am in a similar situation. On the third of march, I placed a wager on Jazz-Raptors for the 1st half total, at 17.33 CET. The ticket nr is 1PTBL1L5EX. The ticket should be a winner, but Bwin cancelled, claiming that it was placed too late, and the game had started at 17.30. But I know Pinnacle had this line open even two minutes after I placed the Bwin bet. I wrote to Bwin two times, complaining, but they wouldn’t honour the wager. They actually first graded it as a winner, then they cancelled long after. I can’t remember exactly how long, but no less than 6 hours, maybe more. I remember logging in to my account the day after the bet had been settled, and wondering about my balance. I checked my statement, and found that they had altered the ticket, changing it from a winner to a cancelled ticket. I hope you can help me in this case, as it seems you have been able to help another player in the same sort of situation.

Previous complaint, reported 3/17/2009, resolved with credit for player’s winning bets.