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Nevada online poker, US legal gambling update


The Nevada Gaming Control Board recommended three new companies for licensure in the emerging online poker industry.  MGM Online, Z4Poker LLC and CamsLLC are hopeful that following the Nevada Gaming Commissions November 15th meeting that their licenses will be official. MGM meanwhile plans to first roll out a play-for-free poker game by March. is another operator keen on getting its hand in the pot, with reports indicating that their sights are set on being licensed in Nevada some point in 2013. Recently appointed Nevada Gaming Control Board chairman A.G. Burnett had the following to say :

“ license application is currently in the process of being investigated,” “At some point next year, (they’ll) be on an agenda for final approval.”

Credit to the LasVegas Review Journal for Chairman Burnett’s quotes.

ChurchHill Downs Interactive debuted a US-facing online gambling website Thursday. offers players casino and lotto style games with the chance to earn cash prizes. An unusual twist is that instead of its casino game engine relying on a traditional softwae random number generator, or RNG, the games are in fact randomly served by the performance of race horses across the country. The website is licensed by the Oregon Racing Commission. ChurchHill Downs Inc.  shares are now trading at $66.85, after a slight increase yesterday.
Massachusettes treasurer Steve Grossman has blasted US Senators Harry Reid and Jon Kyl’s federal online poker bill, picking the legislation apart in a letter questioning the motives of the bill:

“We are particularly puzzled by the Act’s choice of internet poker as the sole form of online gaming to be allowed other than lottery games with no more than one drawing per day. There is no business case for such a limitation. Accordingly, we can only assume that the Act is a blatant, unwarranted, and inappropriate attempt to secure first-mover advantage in the online gaming space for Nevada interests.”

He goes on to describe the bill as a grievous misuse of federal legislative authority. We are attempting to reach Mr. Grossman for an interview