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NBA Draft Prop Bets: Online Sportsbook comparison

The 2014 NBA Draft takes place Thursday night, June 26 at 7PM ET. The draft is being held at the relatively newly constructed Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York. Television rights to the event belong to ESPN.

Sports bettors that take a power ratings approach might wish to consider the scheduled order of the draft. The Cleveland Cavaliers are on tap for the first pick, followed by the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Philadelphia 76ers to round out the top three selections.

NBA Draft First Pick: Two to Four Way markets

Many casual fans and even some sports bettors will only be tuning in to see who will receive the top pick. It is no surprise then that the first selection market is among the most unique on offer by online sportsbooks. In other words, there is more variation in how you can wager this market.

For example, 5Dimes Sportsbook offers what is referred to as a two-way market in that only two possible sides are winners. You can wager Joel Embiid receiving the honor of the first pick which pays 12 to 1 (or $1,200 for $100 risked), or bet the side that any other player receives the number one pick which you’d have to lay 1 to 26 on ($2,600 to win $100).

Over at BetOnline Sportsbook you are offered a four-way market, a market with four possible outcomes. Those legs are as follows: Andrew Wiggins at -140, Jabrari Parker at +110, Joel Embiid at 12 to 1, or any other player at 25 to 1.

At Bovada Sportsbook, you are presented with a three-way market where the options are Andrew Wiggons at 1 to 2, Jabrari Parker at 1.5 to 1, or Joel Embiid at 9 to 1.

As a sports bettor, you most likely will opt for the highest return on your player of choice. However, if you are looking to play the market and searching out value, you might choose a sportsbook with less of a return on the darling player and bank on the any other player / field market if you’ve handicapped that it is likely at a given price.

Draft Position Market: Sportsbook comparison

There is less diversity in the draft position market outside of the number one slot, but this is actually a good thing. The reason is simple: It gives you the ability to more directly line shop and ensure that you lock in the best market price available. Sportsbook Review’s NBA Draft Prop Bets page flags which online sportsbook is offering the best line for a given market. Examples are below.

Dante Exum draft position over 3½ +180 (Best line: 5Dimes)
Dante Exum draft position under 3½  -180 (Best line: BetOnline)

If you’re shopping the Dante Exum draft position market, you can see that the clear best price on the over the 3.5 position is available at 5Dimes where a $100 ticket returns $180 in profit. Conversely, if you believe that Dante Exum is selected with any of the first three picks you would be juiced less at BetOnline where a $180 ticket returns $100 in profit.

Joel Embiid draft position over 5 +125 (Best line: Bovada)
Joel Embiid draft position under 5  -160 (Best line: 5Dimes)

If you intend to bet on Joel Embiid being selected later or earlier than with the fifth pick, you would be best suited playing the over 5 at Bovada where a $100 wager returns $125, and playing the under 5 at 5Dimes where a $160 wager returns $100 in profit.

Sportsbook Review only lists sportsbooks in good standing in its shopping comparison pages. Have the confidence that whatever your choice you will be in good hands and on your way to padding the bankroll ahead of the 2014-15 NBA season.