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MLB All Star Game 2011: Sizing up the AL and NL Offensive lineups

The American Leaguestarting lineup alone has combined for over 150 home runs this season whilethree of the top five run producers in the majors will be in the NationalLeague starting lineup. Every starter on both teams except one has reacheddouble digits in round-trippers this season.

You’ve got playerswith awesome power like Jose Bautista and players with power and speed like Matt Kemp. There is forthe first time in several years an equal amount of offensive firepower on bothteams in the MLB All Star game . With all due respect to any and all MLB pitchers who toe the rubber inPhoenix Tuesday night, this is the year the hitters get their revenge.

American League

Jose Bautista MLB All Star GameLed by Toronto’sJose Bautista, this is one of the most powerful AL teams ever assembled.

Bautista has becomeone of the most feared hitters in the game. He hit 54 home runs in 2010 and had31 entering Sunday’s action. He’s also hitting .332 with 62 runs batted in.

Joining Bautista inthe starting outfield are the Yankees Curtis Granderson and Josh Hamilton ofthe Rangers. On a New York team laden with big names, Granderson has been amongthe biggest Bronx Bombers hitting 25 home runs while driving in 63 runs.Hamilton has been a force since returning from a broken arm hitting .304 with11 home runs and 49 RBI’s. The three players have a combined 67 homers and 174runs batted in this season.

The AL infieldis one of the best in recent memory.

Boston’s AdrianGonzalez has been better than advertised since coming over from San Diego. TheRed Sox first baseman leads the league in hitting (.354) and RBI’s (77) and issecond on the team in home runs with 17. NY second baseman Robinson Cano wholike Granderson is overshadowed by Derek Jeter and A-Rod, has hit 15 homers andknocked in 56 runs. Indians shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera has 14 homers and 51 RBI’s and is an upgradeoffensively from Jeter while Adrian Beltre of the Rangers who will replace AlexRodriguez at third base has 18 homers and 69

DH David Ortiz isbatting .304 with 19 homers and 52 runs batted in while starting catcher Alex Avila has 10 homeruns.

National League

Prince Fielder MLB All Star GameThe Senior Circuitsuffered an offensive hit with the announcement that Ryan Braun of the Brewerswould miss the game with a leg injury. Braun is hitting .320 with 16 home runsand 62 runs batted in and will be replaced by the Pirates Andrew McCutchen.

The remainder of the NL starting squadshould have no problem picking up the slack in Braun’s absence.

NL infield: First baseman Prince Fielder is fourth in baseballwith 22 home runs and second in RBI’s with 72. It’s just my opinion and nothingmore but I believe Fielder has passed Albert Pujols as the top 1B in theleague. Fielder’s home run derby partner and Milwaukee second baseman RichieWeeks has 17 HR’s and 65 RBI’s, Colorado SS Troy Tulowitzki has 17 and 44 whilePhillies 3B Placido Polanco with 4 homers and 39 runs batted in. For the mostpart the fans did a nice job with the All-Star voting this year but struck outbig time with the Polanco selection.

NL Outfield: Matt Kemp, aka “The Bison” is a first-time All-Starand could be the surprise MVP. Kemp is hitting .317 with 22 homers, 26 stolenbases and 66 runs batted in all of this while playing on a terrible Dodgersteam. Lance Berkman of the Cards has surprised everyone with 24 home runs and a.291 average.

Catcher Brian McCann of Atlanta had thegame winning hit last year for the NL team and is having another killer seasonfor the Braves with a .312 average and 15 home runs.

MLB odds history shows that the ‘under’ has cashedto the tune of 4-0-1 in the past five games. But when you look at the offensivestatistics for both of these teams it’s tough to imagine this year’s game notsoaring over the total.