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MB24 Sportsbook Player Feedback Wanted

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An MB24 Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has filed a complaint.

The player has stated that he won $10,789 in March. He successfully received a $2,000 payout at the beginning of April, but since that time he has received an error when he attempts to order additional payouts.

He has claimed that MB24 has failed to provide a solution allowing him to make a withdrawal. The player states that most of his winnings came from wagering on the Premier League, Serie A, LA Liga, and Bundesliga matches.

Sportsbook Review reported on an MB24 complaint in November of 2014. In that dispute, a player reported that €1,500 in winnings were unfairly confiscated by the online sports betting website.

MB24 commented on the complaint to SBR, stating that the player was guilty of what was referred to as irregular betting.

MB24 previously operated as Mobibet Sportsbook. The online sportsbook changed its name in October of 2014 as reported by SBR. The sportsbook debuted with a low mark due to controversial handling of bonus winnings complaints. At the time Sportsbook Review reported on eleven open disputes.

Players in need of assistance with MB24 or who have feedback to share should submit a sportsbook complaint form.