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MB24 (Mobibet) set to close on May 31st

Blacklisted betting site MB24 (SBR rating D-) has announced that it is set to close on May 31st.

The online sportsbook has claimed that all player balances will be honored.

The betting site has not been without controversy during its two year operation. The brand first surfaced as Mobibet Sportsbook and racked up over two dozen player complaints.

Players reported that their bonus winnings were confiscated by Mobibet without cause. Sportsbook Review spent hours discussing the procedure in place for Mobibet to make such decisions to not honor winnings and ultimately concluded that the betting site was not acting fairly and was subsequently blacklisted.

More recently, following the rebranding of Mobibet to MB24, SBR reported that a player who won $10,789 this March and who had successfully been paid $2,000 had the remainder of his winnings confiscated. MB24 commented to SBR on the complaint, by stating that the player was guilty of demonstrating irregular betting patterns. No further information was shared in the case.

After following up with management again to discuss their position on the case, SBR received the notice from MB24.

MB24 Statement: "Please rest assured that we are in constant contact with Income Access to ensure that all Statistics are up to date, all players and affiliates are paid their earnings, prior to the closure of the site on 31 May 2015. The site is still up in the air but unable to be played on, nor have we been excepting player deposits since the above mentioned date. We would ask that any inventory dedicated to on your sites be removed. We apologise to you and thank you for your support."

It is presently unclear what will happen to pending wagers. SBR is following up on this item.

MB24 players are urged to request their balances and to notify SBR as they receive payment. Players can write to or submit a sportsbook complaint form.