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MB24 Closure Date Approaches; Player asks for help receiving funds

Sportsbook Review reported on May 11 that MB24 (SBR rating D-) announced its upcoming closure.

The sports betting site will cease to exist as of the 31st of this month.

SBR urged players to request to be paid their balances and to write in with feedback to let SBR know how the process went. One such player has written in asking for help withdrawing his €1,300 balance.

Sportsbook Review inquired with the player on if he is still able to access his MB24 account; the answer is presently unclear. The player stated the following in the letter he wrote to SBR:

MB24 user: "I have money on my account. I have read that they are closing its operations.Can you help me get my money out. It is about 1300€."

MB24 previously operated and was known as Mobibet.

The sports betting site was blacklisted due to confiscating winnings from players without just cause.

MB24 players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint.