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Matchbook Sale: Sportsbook ownership provides statement

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Matchbook tells SBR that players have 31 days to initiate the withdrawal process. Matchbook also states that commission credits accumulated in the last three months would be paid as cash adjustments to the US-based player balances, and available for immediate withdrawal. Matchbook intends to settle balances less than $10,000 by making a refund onto each player’s credit card, larger balances are to be paid via bank wire.

Matchbook’s decision not to send US-based players checks for the remainder of their balances has drawn criticism from SBRforum readers who have taken part in the forum topic, Matchbook leaving the US.


Matchbook’s statement on US exit and future plans


The Matchbook betting exchange would like to confirm that it has undergone a change of ownership, pending certain formalities. Upon title transfer, at midnight February 27th, Matchbook betting exchange will no longer be facilitating the placement of wagers in jurisdictions where Matchbook operations are seen to be non-compliant.

As a result, Matchbook will order the immediate suspension of all gaming business with all accounts registered from a US address, and players who hold such accounts, will no longer be permitted to use the betting exchange. These account holders will be contacted with precise instructions and given 31 days by which they must make a one-time withdrawal of all balances held on the Matchbook betting exchange.

In addition, we would like to affirm that the new Matchbook management and ownership is in no way affiliated with WSEX or any previous ownership. The new owners and management look forward to heralding a new dawn in financial prudence and stability, while continuing to offer a world class betting exchange with improved global sports offerings. Matchbook intends to expand our operations into the European and Asian markets through encouraging a steady increase in event liquidity as well as expanding payment channels into these markets. Please stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks.



Matchbook players who are based in the United States are encouraged to write to SBR with updates on their withdrawal statuses. Players can submit feedback via the sportsbook help form, directly by e-mail, or dialing 1-830-515-4122 during normal business hours.