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MarathonBet Player shares frustrating experience


Update 11/10: Marathonbet has addressed the dispute with SBR and confirmed the player has now been fully verified.

A Marathonbet player has shared a frustrating experience.

The player claims that he deposited on October 22 using his Visa credit card. He lost his first few bets, so he proceeded to deposit another £500 over a few more transactions and wager more.

The player settled around the £250 mark – he cannot provide an exact amount since the next day, Marathonbet suspended his account.

He was asked to provide a copy of his ID and proof of address. He claims to have satisfied the request 'immediately', and that 10 days went by with no update despite sending numerous emails.

Marathonbet Bettor: "I was writing to them, called asking why my account is still suspended but received all the time same mantra answer: "they have [a] load of work".

After 10 days passed, he was asked to send another form of proof of address, a request he obliged the same day. After a few more days, Marathonbet emailed again asking for one other form of address proof, the player sent the additional document.

He has still not been paid and has filed a sportsbook payout complaint against Marathonbet.

SBR has asked a Marathonbet manager for comment on the dispute. If there are no additional facts at play and the player is being genuine that his documents are all legitimate and he is who he says he is, it is an example of the frustrating side of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, a necessary procedure but not one performed with the same level of efficiency across online sportsbooks.

The lack of a need for KYC is one of the driving factors behind the success of bitcoin sportsbooks.