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Linesmaker Sportsbook steals $15,990 from winning player

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Linesmaker player history
On September 21st, 2010, a player signed up with Linesmaker. He deposited $10,600 in three transactions ($5000, $5000, $600) by UseMyWallet. The player received a $750 cash bonus.

He then bet his entire account balance on 23 wagers. After the settlement of all wagers, his account balance increased to $27,340.

Linesmaker accuses player of syndicate play
On September 22nd, 2010, Linesmaker closed the player's account, and refunded his $10,600 in deposits. Linesmaker accused the player of acting in concert with players who have had their wagers limited in the past.

When SBR asked Linesmaker to share their evidence, Linesmaker refused.

Linesmaker Sportsbook: There were multiple related accounts limited and warned in the past. Creating a new account to slip under the radar quick enough to place wagers at the last minute does not make us money. A few accounts that were overlooked for a longer period were paid. If they try their luck again they are doing just that as we made it very clear this time that their action was not welcome.

Do you feel it's fair to tarnish a reputable book for a professional player who sneaks in on a new account at the last minute in an attempt to get some wagers down unnoticed?

We can appreciate your concerns with the limited information you have but we will not share any more specific details related to this account, any related or the players.

Linesmaker will not offer evidence to show wrongdoing
When a sportsbook decides to confiscate a player's funds, they assume the burden of proof to show that their confiscation was warranted. Unless a sportsbook is legally bound by a non-disclosure agreement as a result of being licensed by a gaming commission, SBR expects sportsbooks to prove the confiscation is justified with actual evidence.

In this complaint, the Linesmaker player accused of foul play authorized SBR to hear his private account details. The fact that Linesmaker is unwilling to get into specifics demonstrates a lack of hard evidence. Linesmaker has cited its rule on multiple accounts to justify voiding the winning wagers.

Linesmaker T&C:  Members are not permitted to open multiple accounts (either within itself or affiliated websites on the same platform) in order to circumvent the limits imposed by our wagering system. If multiple accounts are used then all bets will be void.

The Linesmaker player tells SBR that he has utilized SBR Odds and other line-watching services to monitor market prices. When he finds a sportsbook late to a key move, he places a wager. This is commonly referred to as "steam play". This betting style is often not appreciated by sportsbooks and will typically lead to warnings or account closure. The industry standard never allows for a player's winnings to be stolen.

Linesmaker player: I don't use Donbest, I just watch pinnacle, greek, and free services like sbrlines to track line moves. I like to bet on all sports leagues, including baseball, basketball, football, tennis, and soccer.

Linesmaker added to SBR Sportsbook Blacklist
Linesmaker is part of the Group, which is owned and operated by Domain Holdings Limited. The Group confiscated over $200,000 from players in 2007. stated the players placed illegal correlated parlays that the software allowed. Due to's theft, the entire family with the exception of (who previously maintained a C- rating due to having an independent CS and management department), are rated D- and on the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist.