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Linesmaker Sportsbook guilty of stealing betting winnings?

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Player's deposit history with Linesmaker
On September 21st, 2010, a player signed up at, depositing $10,600 via UseMyWallet.

Wager history
The Linesmaker player made 23 wagers on September 21st, risking $11,350 in total (inclusive of his $750 cash bonus). After his bets were settled, the player's balance was increased to $27,340.

Linesmaker closes the player's account
On September 22nd, 2010, Linesmaker closed the player's account and wrote him an e-mail stating that his deposits would be refunded. The player spoke with Linesmaker management and was informed that his business was no longer welcome at Linesmaker, or the rest of the Jazette Sportsbook Group.

Linesmaker accused the player of bonus abuse, circumventing limits, syndicate play, and finally stated that the player was related to more than twenty-five other betting accounts. The player adamantly denies being in cahoots with any other account holder, admitting only to chasing steam and popping soft numbers at the sportsbook. Regarding the allegation of circumventing limits, the player states that he received clearance from Linesmaker to open his account after informing them that he played with other Jazette skins.

Linesmaker has not reversed their ruling or been willing to discuss the facts of the case in the following months. SBR is attempting to speak with management regarding the case, and will update this report as more information becomes available.



Linesmaker Sportsbook: One of the few benefits to being on the Jazette platform (we are often affected negatively by this I might add) is the additional security they provide us. LinesMaker's services are reserved for the recreational bettor, however in this instance, it was brought to our attention that your account falls within a syndicate of accounts across the platform, which have all been informed on numerous occasions that your business is no longer welcome. Based on this information and our termsand conditions* your account has been disabled and your deposits will be refunded.

What is betting syndicate play?
A betting syndicate is a stable of sports bettors who work in collusion to beat sportsbooks. Often, bettors pool together their resources to attack sportsbooks, circumvent their limits, beat them to line moves, and to conspire to place wagers on the same events simultaneously in a very short amount of time.

Jazette Enterprises Limited is part of the Jazette Group. Jazette is most known for  powering (SBR rating D-) and all related skins. (SBR rating C-) has maintained a higher rating than its Jazette counterparts due to having an independently managed customer service department.