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LasPalmas slowpays update









Player emails:










Dear Las Palmas customer service,
You continue to owe me over 33 thousand for almost 6 months. I was promised a good faith moneygram over 2 months ago which you never sent.A prior moneygram was sent with bad information and could not be cashed.I have recieved next to nothing from you despite being very patient.Even though you dont pay or even show good faith,so far you are continuing to operate,and have somehow avioded complete blacklist status. When can I expect payment from you?Please inform without requesting me to try you again at a later date.I have been doing that for almost 6 months and deserve a real reply."





I have not received the $4500 that was supposed to be sent on March 12th, 2009.  However, I see that LP is sending out withdrawals to some of its customers.  It seems like some sort of authority should be able to do something about a site that out and out rips off its customers while conducting business as usual.  It also seems like LP would be having a hard time getting any more money sent in.  How do they meet their payroll?  Hearing that they are also ignoring you guys is very disheartening.  If they can keep bringing in enough cash to keep operating even tho SBR readers know better than to send cash in, things are not looking good for me.





Waiting 7+ months and counting.  Any possibility they will be bought out by a solvent book?





I received a small payment in August of $1000 but have had nothing since. I've had  a couple of email exchanges, in which they say they don't have money at present to payout, I think they are trying but the situation does not look to be improving.





One of my friends said he received a payment recently, so I was wondering if any progress is being made.  But my $10400 is still outstanding.