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Keep Your Bankroll Secure: Research New Sportsbooks


A common scam in the sportsbook industry is for rogue website operators to pop up overnight with no intention of paying players. The companies typically do not last long as word of mouth spreads quickly on social media and sports betting forums.

Telltale Signs of Possible Scam
Is a sportsbook with little to no presence on Google peddling a bonus offer that sounds too good to be true? Fly-by-night operators will boot up a new website, copy/paste rules and other text from another website, and begin cold-calling players from the phonebook or contacting players through forums seeking deposits.

One reoccuring ploy is to mislead players into thinking they are a newly formed sister sportsbook and offer bonuses to entice players into depositing. In some cases, players have been asked to confirm their account details to activate free plays.

A legitimate sportsbook would never do business this way. Sister sportsbooks almost always have functional log-ins across websites and promote or inter-link their business in some obvious way so that players have confidence that their wagers are being placed with a real company. Customer service staff are also able to confirm business relationships.

What to Do When You Are Unsure
Before sending your hard-earned funds to any sportsbook, especially a new sportsbook that has not been online for much time, it is essential to do your homework, just as you would before making a purchase on Amazon.

Search for reviews from players at sports betting forums such as SBR Forum, utilize resources like the SBR Rating Guide, and verify that the company is in good standing. All of the companies on the best sportsbooks list contain detailed reviews from players. Additionally, a monthly payout discussion thread at SBR Forum logs how long sportsbooks are taking to process withdrawals.

Bettors can always contact for feedback about companies or to learn if there are unresolved sportsbook complaints on file.