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JetBull Player vs. Sportsbook: Dispute over IP address


A JetBull Sportsbook player has filed a complaint against the sports betting website.

The player signed up to JetBull one month ago and received an initial deposit bonus which gave him a 15 time rollover at the odds of 2.0 or higher. Only €50 of each bet would count toward the play-through requirement.

He placed his first two bets; over 2.5 goals in the Europa League Final, and a second wager on the over in the Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets game.

Both bets were settled as wins, but then changed to "void". JetBull quickly informed the player that his bonus winnings were voided and that his account would be closed because he has a duplicate IP address.

The player has contested the decision, stating the following in his e-mail complaint filed with Sportsbook Review:

JetBull Player: "They used IP address only as a way of spotting a duplicate account. This is obviously an idiotic method to anyone who has even the slightest bit of knowledge of IP addressing. My IP address today could easily be your IP address tomorrow. What if I access the site through a cafe wifi. There could be loads of people with the same IP address. The simple fact is IP address are running out and cannot solely be used as identification of duplicate accounts."

It is true that there are scenarios in which an IP address is not the smoking gun proving foul play, but there are often layers of discretion involved and other circumstances worth considering. Sportsbook Review has followed up with the sports betting website to determine how it connected the dots that this player is a duplicate account.

If the player is proven to have been connected with another account that previously redeemed a sign up bonus, JetBull did the right thing in swiftly actioning the account before rollover could be cleared and actual deposited funds involved in the creation of winnings.

SBR will update the outcome of this matter.

JetBull players with feedback are encouraged to write to