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JazzSports payout troubles


[b]You are now speaking with Nick of Customer Support.[/b]
You: hi
You: my acc is xxx
You: I had requested ** yesterday, is it ready now?
Nick: Hello Mr. xxx … at this moment we can not process pay-out through our vendors Mgram or ** since we are having problem with out vendors.
You: then..
Nick: We may be able to to continue to pay you your balance at the begining of september…once footblall season starts…now we understand your position as player
Nick: We are trying to do Sportsbooks transfer…but not at this moment
You: wire possible?
Nick: Nothing until semtember Sir
Nick: we are sorry
Nick: september i meant
You: this whole month nothing can be out?
Nick: You can alwasy email the manaager at and see what can our manager solution can be give to you…but from now on..there is no more pay-out until once football season gets here
Nick: Thats correct! pay-outs are in hold at this moment.