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Isle of Man Gambling Commission changes tune on Bet2Be cases


Sportsbook Review reported yesterday that the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission made a token acknowledgement of the Bet2Be complaints, which have flooded the SBR mailbox in recent weeks.

The brief statement regurgitated what many gambling commissions claim, that player funds are verified as safe and kept separate from operating expenses.

Time and time again, as seen with the sudden collapses of Canbet, World Sports Exchange, Globet, BetButler and many others, operators find ways to skirt the on-paper requirements of gambling regulators.


The Isle of Man commission's initial response did little to dispel the belief that the betting site may be in financial trouble, so SBR pressed for a more direct response by providing a breakdown of the host of issues submitted by players.

To the commission's credit, a more direct response was given:

Isle of Man Gambling Commission: “Thank you for taking the time to compile and collate this information re The GSC have been in dialogue with Joint Sports Betting Ltd; however having now discussed this internally I can confirm that the Commission will be escalating this immediately. Thank you again for your assistance with this, it is appreciated.”

One Bet2Be player has waited since August 28 to be paid $4972. He is one of four players owed since August; the other three users are owed between $400, $646, and $2,600 respectively. In total, approximately $30,000 in delinquent payouts have been submitted by players.

In addition to the payout complaints, several players have reported that tennis wagers placed during Wimbledon when Nick Kyrgios upset Rafael Nadal were voided rather than being paid. Kyrgios was a sizable 12 to 1 underdog in the match, and Bet2Be has failed to provide a reason for the cancellations.

…I can confirm that the Commission will be escalating this immediately. Commission spokesperson


Sportsbook Review reported during the initial assessment of Bet2Be that many players also raised privacy concerns when the betting site requested "proof of tax payments", an unheard of request that has still yet to be explained.


For its part, the sportsbook has mostly refused comment on the complaints, choosing only to question the veracity of one player complaint concerning an unpaid balance.


Two players have confirmed receiving payouts from Bet2Be last week. The players were paid $3,000 from a request made August 25, and $765 from a payout asked for on September 14.


With so many reputable gaming businesses to choose from that have no issues paying on time, Sportsbook Review advises players to steer clear of the Isle of Man based betting site, as it very well could land on the sportsbook blacklist if payout performance does not improve


Sportsbook Review encourages Bet2Be players with disputes to submit a sportsbook complaint. Alternatively, players can be heard by blogging their feedback in the Sportsbook & Industry message board at SBR.