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Into the Weekend with Peter Loshak & BetDSI

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In our “Into the Weekend with BetDSI” show for December 13th,Brent and I discussed NFL Week 15, as well as the beginning of the collegebowls season which kicks off this Saturday.

We started off discussing our Week 15 NFL picks, and I wasinterested to hear that there seems to be a bunch of games with notablesharp/public splits on the total.

I asked Brent specifically about the Pittsburgh/Dallas game, andwhat caused the line movement in favor of Pitt since opening. I also askedabout what I assumed to be 2 big public sides – Denver and New England, bothpopular teams with elite QBs currently on extended and impressive winningstreaks.

Brent also went over a number of games that have seen sharpaction, and I was particularly interested to hear what he had to say about theGiants/Atlanta game. The Falcons, of course, are 11-2, and playing at home, butonly a very tiny favorite against the Giants. It was interesting to hear whatthe sharp and public betting action for that game has so far turned out to be.

Head over to SBR’s NFL Picks page for all of this week’s predictions.

Then we moved on to the first two bowl games of the collegebowl season that kick off this Saturday, and Brent did have some things to sayabout those games and lines that caught me surprise as well. He told me he hastaken a lot of sharp action on those games in general, some of it disagreeing,but there is also one bet that Brent says he took overwhelming and one-waysharp action on since the line opened.

Check out our popular weekly show, where Brent goes intodetail about the betting volume and sharp/public splits of all these events andmore!