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InstantActionSports player owed $5,045 since Dec 4


The InstantActionSports player SBR reported asked for a $5,000 transfer via interbook transfer on November 10 has yet to be paid.

His previous payout experience with InstantAcitonSports saw him wait three months to be paid.

His total account balance is $14,597, including $5,045 which was removed on December 4 after his payout was to be processed.

He has claimed that InstantActionSports has not responded to his emails seeking updates on payment.

Sportsbook Review has reported on players being on payment plans with InstantActionSports as the sportsbook lost the ability to service payouts through eWallet.

The sportsbook claimed that internal banking changes were being made and that players could instead receive payouts through Person-to-Person methods in the meantime.

Sportsbook Review has asked a manager for an update on this player's $5,045 payout complaint.