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IBAS rules on PaddyPower dispute, sportsbook news


Some good news to start the day: IBAS has ruled in favour of the player with a Spanish Grand Prix betting dispute against PaddyPower (SBR rating B+).  A player made three wagers on Maldonado winning pole position in the F1 race. The wagers were priced at 250-to-1. PaddyPower graded the market with the winner of the qualifier as the victor; though he was disqualified from competition for not having enough fuel.  SBR recommended that PaddyPower re-settle the market with Maldonado winning pole position. was unwilling to discuss the claim, however the player’s persistence paid off, as a complaint with IBAS was just what the doctor ordered …. IBAS supported the bettor’s position, PaddyPower then re-graded the wagers.

In more unfortunate news — WSEX sportsbook (SBR rating F) is behind on $845,000 in player payments. The delinquent requests  go back to the fall of 2009. continues to provide players false hope, promising payment plans and looking ahead to the upcoming football year. Meanwhile, unsuspecting players who sign up are misled by WSEX representatives into believing payouts are going out normally. The last surge of WSEX payouts occurred in the fall of 2010, when players who filed SBR complaints reported receiving $124,000. WSEX is an F-rated sportsbook on the SBR blacklist.

Finally — Bet770 (SBR rating C-) players complain of unfair bonus tactics. Three players have written SBR with similar stories: they deposit, take a bonus, win some bets and get limited to €2. The players are given two options:  continue to play with the low stakes, or take a payout forfeiting  the bonus. SBR is following up on these cases and will suggest bonus proration. Check the SBR newswire for more details.

Later in the video, SBR analyst Justin discusses a case where two Romanian players colluded on a table-tennis match at BetCity to profit $15,000.