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IAS payout claim filed as mgt dodges 24SportsWeb questions

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InstantActionSports, located in Costa Rica, was the former host to 24SportsWeb Sportsbook. 24SportsWeb went off-line without word on 21 January 2013 without paying more than $35,000 to players. The sportsbook remains off-line.

SBR spoke with IAS regarding the 24SportsWeb closure and was told that only software and hosting was provided as part of their business relationship. IAS denied ever handling balances or processing payouts for 24SportsWeb, and expressed that they were not interested in covering players' balances as a result of their limited involvement. IAS further claimed that 24SportsWeb walked out on $40,000 in hosting fees.

On January 31st, SBR reported an update to the 24SportsWeb case. A player produced screenshots of receipts from Skrill payouts from both IAS and 24SportsWeb that showed the same merchant account. This is in direct contradiction to IAS' previous claim that processing was never provided to 24SportsWeb as the extent of their agreement was to provide web hosting and software support.

The IAS manager who initially commented to SBR has been unreachable. No IAS representatives are willing to provide comment on the clear discrepancy.

SBR notes that the shared merchant account at the very least establishes a financial arrangement whereby users that deposited through eWallet would be paid from a common account. The evidence also makes IAS responsible for at least the deposits which hit its merchant account; an argument could also be made that IAS should cover players' entire balances who came in with a Skrill deposit.

IAS is likely to land on the Sportsbook Review blacklist.

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