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How Quickly Does Your Sportsbook Pay?

A tracking thread at SBR Forum monitors how quickly online sportsbooks pay winners.

Community members share the amount of each payout received, the method, and how long the entire process took to receive their funds.

Online sportsbooks are rated by their ability to pay players large sums in a timely fashion, whether it is a payout through bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, bank transfer, or a cash transfer. The best sportsbooks are able to consistently pay players within one day of their request. Players expect as smooth of a process taking out winnings as they receive putting funds into their betting accounts.

Sportsbooks that hold ratings from D- to F are part of a list known as the blacklist. Sportsbooks on this list have not only developed a reputation for slow-paying winners – many of the companies do not pay at all, or have confiscated winnings from players that won too much. No sportsbook bonus is worth the chance that you will not be paid after a solid weekend, so SBR suggests players avoid these companies and limit their business to websites on the best sportsbooks list.

What To Do If You Need Assistance?
Players that encounter difficulty receiving their withdrawals from sports betting sites are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form. SBR offers a free dispute mediation service that has helped players recover millions of dollars in contested winnings.