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Heritage Sportsbook update


A player would have to lay $105 to win $100, instead of the standard 10¢ vigorish which ends up costing a sports bettor more in the long run. Heritage is one of the oldest betting sites to offer reduced juice: In 2009, Heritage lowered their vig to -108. Sportsbook Review reported on August 19, a few weeks before the start of the NFL season, Heritage lowered from -108 to -105 and released three player programs.

The second program allows bettors to continue to receive -108 style pricing (the old reduced juice model) and cash back on losses twice a year. These credits are made twice annually, October 1st and April 1st, and coincide with the user's option to switch between one of the three available player programs.

The third player program is a sportsbook bonus driven option. Users receive a 50% free play with an 8X rollover. This model delivers a free payout every 30 days.

Heritage Sports was covered in a sportsbook website tours video released by SBR this year. Players can read more about Heritage Sports in the full sportsbook review.



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