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Heritage Sports Releases Player Props Builder


Heritage Sports (SBR rating A+) has made a significant update to its wagering platform with a new feature that allows users to create their own player prop bets.

Users can step into the shoes of bookmakers and set what they believe a player's line should be in key scoring or game performance areas and then accept or reject the odds given.

The feature aims to satisfy prop bettors who want more variety and freedom over their wagering experience. Instead of being forced to choose from a fixed variety of proposition wagers, players can literally build their own tickets across a wide range of sports to have action on their favorite player having a great or not so great game. This is the closest incorporation of fantasy sports in the world of online betting.

Example of Building an NBA Player Prop Bet

In the above demonstration, users can select Washington's Bradley Beal and then choose the statistic that they'd like included. For instance, Bradley Beal's category can be set to "Points" and "23" (though this can be any number), and in real-time an odds offer is posted based on the user's input. The above line is available for wagering at the price of -117, so a $117 wager to win $100 on Beal scoring at least 23 points. This is an advantage to players who might have handicapped a certain number has value, whereas with a traditional sportsbook without this feature it is a take it or leave it situation.

Example of Building an NFL Player Prop Bet

In the above example, users can set the line on how many touchdowns they think the Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will have. Setting the value to 5 touchdowns produces the odds of +900.

Setting the value to at least 1 touchdown changes the odds to +240 or 3.40 with the input on decimal. When you're ready, simply click add to b et slip, and then confirm your wager amount before hitting Place Bets.

Example of Building a Head-to-Head NBA Prop Bet

Select two players to build a custom player vs. player prop bet. In the above example of Bradley Beal vs. John Wall, a player can choose if Beal will have more points, assists, total rebounds, field goals made, 3-point field goals made, blocked shots, or steals than John Wall. Once you've selected the desired category, add to your bet slip and confirm the readout is what you wanted.

After you've entered the wager amount and confirmed that the prop bet is what you wanted, click Place Bets.

Take a screen capture of the notification for peace of mind if you wish or click close to continue wagering.

Heritage Sports has informed SBR that they have released this feature to a large number of users, though a complete rollout will be in place for all accounts by the NFL playoffs.

Users can access the player props section by clicking "player props action" on the Heritage Sports menu bar. This week's NFL limits will be lower than normal due to player uncertainty given that it is week 17.

Feedback can be sent to or posted in SBR Forum.

To read more about the player props feature, visit the Heritage Sports tutorial.