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GoBetGo website unreachable: Down for the count?

Three GoBetGo players have reported that the betting site is unreachable.

The players have read negative posts concerning GoBetGo on the Sportsbook Review newswire feed as well as posts made by members in the Sportsbook & Industry section.

As of 3PM Monday ET, GoBetGo Sportsbook has been off-line for nearly 12 hours.

Sportsbook Review reported that GoBetGo mocked a player and labeled him as a scammer when closing his account and confiscating his balance. This report went up December 11.

Earlier in the month, SBR reported that a punter had £500 confiscated after failing a random phone quiz.

The most high profile collapse of an online sportsbook in 2014 was Canbet Sportsbook, though the betting site officially ceased accepting deposits December 31, 2013.

GoBetGo players in need of sportsbook assistance should submit a complaint with SBR.