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GoBetGo’s collapse stings more players

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The effects of GoBetGo Sportsbook's collapse are still being felt by players who are just now discovering the news.

Sportsbook Review reported before the weekend that GoBetGo closed in the middle of the night and blamed their bookmaking strategy for the shutdown.

Players have been stiffed approximately €130,000, though this sum continues to grow as new reports are made.

Players were greeted by the following message on the GoBetGo website Friday:

"Our strategy to offer the best odds on the planet with very low margins did not prove to be a successful one, given the clientele we attracted and the payment processing and marketing costs we incurred. During the period of November/December there was a large withdrawal wave, which entirely emptied our company balances and as we stand, we are insolvent.

Therefore, we deeply regret to inform you, that as of today we are effectively closing -Sincerely yours, GoBetGo Management."

Players have blasted GoBetGo over choosing to skip over the subject over unpaid balances. While the cold truth stings regardless of the context, and with or without a "sinister apology" as was the case when WSEX turned off the lights, GoBetGo could have at least chosen to more directly address the players who were conned out of their funds.

The true amount of funds lost by GoBetGo players is unknown.