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GoBetGo mocks player while closing account & taking funds


A GoBetGo player has reported receiving a sarcastically worded email informing him of a €2,500 winnings confiscation.

The player has maintained that he did nothing unusual, made straight bet wagers, did not bet erroneous lines or otherwise do anything to merit the funds forfeiture.

The beginning of the email reads as follows:

GoBetGo: “Hope this email finds you well. Please accept our sincere apologies for the slight discomfort we have caused you. Over the last few hours you have convinced us that human creativity knows no boundaries. We have been investigating your betting on our website and are quite inspired by what you have achieved,” the email began.

And here came the punch-line, which in this case was more of a hammer:

GoBetGo:  “Unfortunately, we feel obliged to shut your operation down with immediate effect and seize all available balances. This is due to the following, not exhaustive, list of offences:• Co-ordinate betting using multiple accounts which we have linked beyond a shadow of a doubt, both through using computer trace forensics as well as betting history on our website• Use of automated betting software in multiple accountsYou would appreciate that given the intellectual capacity beyond your operation, we would refrain from further educating you, by disclosing details around how the above was achieved.We wish you a merry festive period. Our prayers are that it inspires you to channel your energy and mental powers towards nobler affairs.We advise you that this decision is final, and is not a subject to appeal.”

Sportsbook Review reported on December 4 that a GoBetGo player had £500 confiscated after failing a random phone quiz.

Sportsbook Review is following up with management concerning this confiscation.