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GoBetGo confiscates £500 from sports bettor after random phone quiz


A GobetGo (unrated) player has claimed that her £500 balance has been confiscated.

The player filed a complaint with SBR early Thursday morning against the betting site. She has claimed that she was accused of not being the true owner of her account.

The complaint has many of the same elements of the topic covered by SBR on November 28 in a report titled “Are female sports bettors unfairly targeted by fraud departments”?

Right or wrong, female sports bettors are more scrutinized than their male counterparts. Any player who is unable to pass a random phone screening is likely going to have a tough time getting paid. While it is true that wagers which have action should be paid, this industry standard is slowly eroding as dodgy sportsbooks look for any reason to avoid paying winning accounts.

Online sportsbooks that maintain low ratings, such as the betting sites on the sportsbook blacklist, should be avoided.

There are industry standards just as there are legal standards. There is an expectation that player deposits and wagers will be honored, barring clear and compelling evidence of fraud; stumping a player on a random phone call does not always meet the required level of proof that fraud was committed.

For instance, suppose a male has a government job or otherwise has privacy concerns, and makes all wagers and deposits in his wife’s name.  Would you consider this fraud? Whenever there is room for discretion, there is a margin for error. Absent clear and compelling proof of fraud or a system glitch, there is no reason in 2014 that players should be concerned that their winning bets will not be paid.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with GobetGo to discuss the player’s complaint.

GobetGo players with feedback should write to SBR at