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Globet Sport (SBR rating D+) wrongly cancels a player’s winning 10 Euro wager






Book's email:
We are sorry to inform you that your bet no 671861 on:Baseball (MLB) MIN TWINS v BOS RED SOX BOS RED SOX : EUR€10.00 Win @ 2.08 were voided because the event had already started when you placed the bet . Please accept our apologies for this and understand that are commited in aiming to ensure that these types of errors do not occur.

English Live Chat: hello good afternoon
Player: hello
Player: I sent an email over 1 hour ago but had no response
Player: are you there?
English Live Chat: yes, of course
English Live Chat: could you tell me what it was about?
Player: You mistakenly voided my bet on Baseball – 6718**
Player: You were looking at the match played at 1am when my bet was on the next match played at 6.10pm Minnesota v Boston
English Live Chat: well I can see that somebody from Customer Service maybe already answer you
English Live Chat: hold on a moment please
Player: I received a reply saying I had emailed wrong part of Globet
English Live Chat: yes, I double check with our trade department and the trader is actually told me that is genuinely mistake
Player: so you will now pay me?
English Live Chat: can you please wait for us
Player: As long as you confirm now that I will be paid.
English Live Chat: the point is that you did realize that it was a cut off time therefore you cannot be paid
Player: What do you mean?
Player: I placed my bet 9 hours before the match was played
English Live Chat: that the game could accept until 12
Player: The match you voided was the match played at 1am I placed my bet at 10am on the match played at 6pm
Player: The result was 3-1 to Boston, you voided my bet on the match already played and 4-2 to Minnesota
English Live Chat: the point is the final decision was made from our relevant department which they confirm that the game was played at 2 and you did have the time to replace you did lose any money but you cannot be paid
Player: No, even if the game was played at 2pm I placed my bet at 10am – you did not cancel my bet until 6pm.
Player: 6.15 actually immediately the game started
Player: I don't see what your problem is – my bet was placed 8 hours before the game started
Player: 10am – for 6.10 start
Player: Look at my betting slip – it says 09:55 Thursday – only match being played was 18.10 Thu
English Live Chat: generally 4.2 Globet reserves the right to refuse the whole or any part of any bet request for any reason
Player: The match voided was played 01:00 Thu
Player: But you didn't refuse my bet – you accepted it – you have genuinely referred to the wrong game when voiding
Player: You couldn't possibly have had the 1am match still on your coupon at 09:55
English Live Chat: 4.8 Globet cannot be held responsible for any mistakes in the publishing of prices or other palpable errors which lead to prices or conditions being posted other than those intended, or bets being accepted that contravene these Rules. In all cases, except any bets placed in-running, bets will be settled at the correct price but we will endeavor to contact the client to inform them of the error and offer them a choice of keeping the bet at the correct price or having the bet voided. If no contact is made in response by the Client the bet will stand and be settled at the correct odds. Despite our every effort to ensure total accuracy, we reserve the right to correct obvious errors. For in-running Events, bets that are accepted at incorrect prices and are obvious errors will be made void and the customer will not be contacted.
Player: But you didn't void the game until it was finished!!!
Player: And then you voided the wrong game
English Live Chat: please we need to stick to our T&C's and the final decision has been made already
Player: No – I will be contacting The relevant authorities about this – you are stealing
English Live Chat: As I explain to you above we got some rule that we got to respect
Player: It's not even a difficult decision to make – I am flabbergasted
Player: That you don't pay even when you are wrong is not a rule
English Live Chat: please read the reference point I underline for you
Player: You are saying you are not paying because you made a mistake – if we were refering to the same game I would understand you voiding it – but you're not
English Live Chat: the point is that you had the time to pace the bet at the right time with the right amount and you decide to don't do it
Player: No, that is not the point
Player: I placed my bet at 10am for a match played 8 hours later – why can't you see that?
Player: You voided the match that Minnesota won and had already finished 5 hours before I placed my bet on the match Boston won
English Live Chat: please if you are not happy with our answer you can send an e-mail to Customer Service
Player: How can I place a bet on a match that started at 1am – at 10am – 9 hours later? It would have been off your site at 1am
English Live Chat: I am here to help you to understand our rule that you decide to complain when you signed our T&C's but as I said you can send an e-mail with you detail and explain all that
Player: Rules only come in to place to prove what is right or wrong.
Player: I will writr to Sportsbookreview – they will not be happy with you – especially when it is so obvious.
English Live Chat: unfortunately i cannot assist you further as i have provided you with all the information i had. Please send an email cu and you will receive a reply
Player: I need to have this transcript by email please
Player: *****
English Live Chat: you can copy paste it if you think you will need it
English Live Chat: But please send an email as i have instructed you above describing the whole situation