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Free NFL & NCAAF Betting Contest: 801 members now enrolled

  • Record $30,000 Prize-Pool to top 75
  • 1st place wins $7,500 in cold hard cash
  • 150K points per week

801 players are now enrolled in this year's free $30,000+ NFL and NCAAF betting contest known as the "Beat The Prick" contest.

The first week of play officially begins next week – Tuesday September 8 – with the first week of the NFL season.

This is the 11th year the contest has run on the SBR network. SBR's Natalie Rydstrom won't be playing, but the contest is open to the general public.

How to join free NFL & NCAAF Betting Contest
Registering for the Beat The Prick contest is an easy, two-step process.

The contest format is to outscore the profesisonal handicapper known to the betting universe as "The Prick" – a pompous man from the Southern part of the US who has made a living wagering on sports including NFL and College Football. Five weekly picks must be entered using the SBR Contests software and players who record more units than The Prick win part of that week's prize-pool.

There's one catch: If The Prick goes 5-0-0 in any week, nobody wins.

SBR members or readers who haven't yet taken the plunge and joined the SBR posting forum can submit questions to For a list of the most commonly asked questions & answers, visit the BTP Contest discussion thread at the SBR Posting Forum.