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Free NCAA Madness Bracket Open for Registration


Sportsbook Review has launched the 2015 NCAA Madness Bracket contest.

The contest is open to the public and boasts a 100,000 betpoints prize-pool distributed to the top 20, as well as a $200,000 payout for any perfect bracket.

The scoring format rewards underdog plays, so bring your A+ handicapping game to improve your chances of cashing.

How to enter
a. Go to Bracket Site at
b. enter Pool ID 39768| password Send a PM to request
c. Register yourself. Please make your SBR username your "nickname" for the bracket.
Do not register more than once. Save your bracket log-in and password.

Deadline to enter bracket: March 19, 12:15 PM ET

Bracket Scoring
1st Round: Play-In games (no selections)
Second Round: 1 point per win
Third Round: 2 points per win
Sweet 16: 4 points per win
Elite 8: 8 points per win
Final 4: 16 points per win
Championship: 32 points per win

Seed bonus points: Receive points equal to the difference in seed values for underdog wins only.

*Leaderboard will be ordered by total points won. Tiebreaker will be Championship Game Total Points (required at bracket entry). If still tied, your points won in Final 4 will be used. If still tied, points won in Elite 8.