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Free $30,000 Football Betting Contest: Join Today

Over 700 SBR readers are currently registered in this year's 11th annual free $30,000 NFL and College Football Betting contest known as the "Beat The Prick" handicapping contest.

The contest pays out the top 75 contestants, with first place getting $7,500 in cold, hard cash. Best of all, no strings are attached, and anyone can join.

All you need is an SBR forum account, a proverbial chip and a chair to cash in on the massive prize-pool.

The format of the contest is shaped around one simple objective: Ouscore professional sports handicapper "The Prick" by making five weekly picks on NFL or College Football point spreads and/or totals using the SBR contests software – a proprietary platform that runs many free year-round contests.

How to join Beat The Prick
Registering for the Beat The Prick contest is a two step process.

The contest officially opens on Tuesday, September 8 and runs for the first 16 NFL football weeks. The closing day of the contest is the end of Monday, December 28, which features a Monday Night football game and a college football bowl game.

Readers with any questions on hopping in the contest can visit the SBR Posting Forum and make their inquiries in the Free NFL/NCAAF Contest announcement post at SBR Forum.