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Former Alliance Sportsbook user submits $11K payout complaint

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There have been no verified reports from players of receiving these payouts.

A player filed an SBR complaint on 14 April 2014 claiming that Alliance agreed to place his $10,000 balance into The player was instructed to complete an 8X rollover before any payout request would be possible. He completed this requirement, increasing his balance to $11,000 more than two months ago. While he has received two payouts for a total of $700, no additional funds have been paid. The player has not received additional updates from WagerShere regarding the status of his funds.

A similar report was made by an SBR poster in the Sportsbook & Industry section: The player claims he was forced to rollover $6,000 in early February. After completing the rollover, much like the user who filed the SBR complaint, he initially received no funds and claims to have been given the runaround. At one point, the player was told that the manager in charge of payouts was on a two week vacation. His emails then went unanswered. The player tells SBR that his rollover was completed in March. Finally, on 12 April 2014, the player reports that he was paid in full with the transactions sent through a P2P method. was registered with GoDaddy on 7 September 2013. The email associated with the domain registration is An address in Scotts Dale, Arizona was set as the admin address, although this address is unlikely to be significant.

The following domains are sportsbooks and websites on the same network as the fallen Alliance Sportsbook.

See original SBR report on Alliance Sportsbook closure.

SBR will continue to seek updates from Wagershere on the status of the player’s $16,000 balance who filed an SBR complaint. This is the only current slow-pay complaint on file. Users who have not already done so are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint.