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Five New Topbet Sportsbook Payout Complaints


On April 8, SBR reported that Topbet Sportsbook was still slow-paying winning bettors. Three players filed complaints, each detailing that they have waited in excess of the 15 to 20 business day time-frame advertised by the online sportsbook.

Topbet management has addressed two of the complaints claiming that the players were offered a "resolution". SBR has inquired with the players on what this entailed. The betting site has in the past offered players to cancel overdue withdrawals in exchange for receiving bitcoin.

Since that SBR newswire, five new Topbet players have filed payout complaints.

The biggest outstanding amount is a player who has been owed $22,000 and has not receive a penny from TopBet in over a year.

"TopBet still owes me $22K and I have not received any money from them in over a year. They blame it on processor issues as always, have stopped responding to emails, and their phone extension for anything other than deposits goes straight to voicemail, which they obviously never return," wrote the player.

Another player reported that he submitted a payout request for $2,180.92 back in August of 2018. He was also provided a 15 to 20 business day window.

"I have sent dozens of emails over the last 238 days checking on the progress of my payout. For the first 6 mos they kept saying it was a processor problem, and as soon as they got a tracking no. they would send it to me. They are now ignoring all my emails," wrote the player.

SBR has followed up with Topbet on these latest complaints. Topbet players are encouraged to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

Topbet holds an SBR rating of F and is part of the worst sportsbook blacklist.