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Five New Hampshire Cities Vote in Favor of Becoming Sports Betting Locations

Voters Have Their Say in New Hampshire

According to H480 (New Hampshire gambling Bill), the state can have up to 10 retail sportsbook locations. Before a sportsbook can open in any city or town in the state, voters must give their approval first. There were 9 cities across New Hampshire that had the opportunity to do so on Tuesday with 5 of them approving and 4 voting against the idea.

The cities that voted in favor of retail sportsbooks in their respective communities are: Berlin, Claremont, Laconia, Manchester and Somersworth. The 4 cities where the betting measure did not pass were Concord, Dover, Nashua and Rochester. Back on October 1st, the city of Franklin approved their city as a location during their early elections.


Two of the Three Biggest Cities in the State Voted No

The state capital of New Hampshire is the city of Concord, and they are also one of the cities that voted no to having a sportsbook in their community. The city of Nashua followed suit by voting no as well. That makes it two of the three biggest cities in the state that voted against legalized gambling.

Fortunately for the state Lottery, Manchester, which is the biggest city in the New Hampshire, voted yes to retail sportsbooks being allowed within city limits. The state legalized sports gambling back in July that will allow up to five mobile/online sportsbooks to go along with the ten physical location.


DraftKings are The Sole Provider for Now

Recently New Hampshire had picked DraftKings as the sole provider of retail sports betting in the state. This situation was unique because in essence, New Hampshire allowed potential operators to make their case for why they should be a provider. They did not set what the tax rate would be as part of H480, therefore, allowing competitors to present price proposals.

That allowed DraftKings to make an offer that nobody came close to matching which is why they are the sole providers for now. The Lottery has said that the possibility does exist that more providers will join the market in the future.


When Will New Hampshire go Launch Sports Betting?

Governor Chris Sununu has been adamant that he expects the state to launch their legal sports betting very soon. One of the remaining hurdles is the approval of sports gambling contracts which should be on the agenda for the councilors meeting on November 20th.

The director of the state Lottery, Charlie McIntyre spoke after the results of the votes were made public. "With five cities voting to allow sportsbook retail locations, we can continue with the

sports betting implementation process, developing a responsible system that engages players and drives revenue for education in New Hampshire," said McIntyre. He was also asked what these retail sportsbooks might look like now that they have been given the go-ahead. "Just take your favorite sports bar, a place where you can get food and beer, and there will be a couple of windows where you can place a bet." McIntyre was quoted as saying.

You must be 18 to place a wager in New Hampshire. Wagers on college teams from New Hampshire are prohibited. That applies to all college games being played in New Hampshire meaning regardless of local participation, no college games being played within state borders can be wagered on.