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FIFA Women’s World Cup Prop Bets List

Sportsbook Review has published a women's World Cup prop bets directory.

If you're interested in handicapping and wagering on the FIFA women's world cup, the page lists the most popular ways of wagering and shows the best sportsbook odds available in an easy to use manner.

As of this publication, the ladies from the USA are an average +300 underdog to win the World Cup.

Germany is the overall shortest priced team offered at an average of +220. Using the prop bet directory the current best price is shown as being the +250 offered by British bookmaker William Hill.

France are the third team given the best chance of winning the women's World Cup according to the oddsmakers; France is priced at an average of +600 to win outright.

Canadian bettors may not be too thrilled that online sportsbooks are spreading an average price of +900 to win, though sports bettors who think their bookie is wrong will profit $900 for every $100 wagered.

Brazil are offered at +1100, which is a price some bettors may think has value as sportsbooks generally favor any Brazil soccer team to dominate the field and women's competition may be no exception to that.

Group Prop Bets: USA Favored in Group D
Team USA are the favorite to emerge out of group D, priced at an average -270, meaning a $270 wager is required to show a profit of $100.

Sweden are offered at an average of +250, though the best odds are found at online sportsbook Bookmaker who offer the club at +317.

There is a good deal of variation on the odds offered for Australia to win Group D, with sportsbooks setting the market anywhere from +901 to +1400.

Nigeria are given odds from +1905 to a whopping +4900 as offered by online sports betting website Youwager.

Group Prop Bets: Canada Favored in Group A
It will take a $400 wager to win $100 if you intend to bet the Canadians to win Group A.

Netherlands are offered at an average of +300 by online sportsbooks.

China are priced at a whopping +1600.

New Zealand returns anywhere from $3,300 to $4,000 on a $100 wager.

Group Prop Bets: Germany the top team in Group B
Sports bettors who enjoy laying chalk will eat up Germany and their minimum shortest odds of -1600, meaning $1,600 has to be wagered to show a profit of $100.

Norway is offered anywhere from +700 to +900.

Thailand and Ivory Coast are given virtually zero chance and have lottery style payouts of +10000 up to +50000.

Group Prop Bets: Brazil expected to coast through Group E
Online sportsbooks have set Brazil at up to -500 to win Group E.

Spain are offered at up to +500 to win Group E.

South Korea returns $567 to $700 for every $100 wagered.

The Costa Rican ticas are given absolutely no chance to win Group E, on offer from +4000 to +12500.

Group Prop Bets: France on top of Group F
France are an average of -190 to win group F.

England are offered anywhere from +138 to +186.

Colombia returns $1,900 to $4,000 for a winning $100 wager.

Mexico is in last place according to the sportsbook odds with prices ranging from +1329 to +1900.

Make sure to bookmark the FIFA women's World Cup prop bets directory to never miss an update.