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FIFA Women’s World Cup Betting: 16 Teams Remain, List Updated

Sixteen teams remain in the FIFA women's World Cup tournament.

Sportsbook Review has updated the women's World Cup betting directory showing the updated sportsbook odds on each of the remaining clubs to win the World Cup.

As of this time, Germany and USA are the two top teams according to the oddsmakers.

As additional prop bets become available, Sportsbook Review will update the women's World Cup prop bet list.

The average moneyline (outright winner market) is listed below for each of the remaining teams in contention:

The payoff for Germany is approximately +200. Line shopping using the prop bet directory for the most competitive bookmaker odds, the best payoff is +253 as offered by online sports betting website 5Dimes.

The odds on team USA range from +200 to +250. Factoring in the strength of their free play bonus offering, the highest payoff on Team USA is offered by Heritage Sports.

Sports bettors can win six to eight times their investment by wagering France, with the best odds up to +800.

The payoff on the Canucks ranges from +1000 to +1400.

The odds on Brazil winning are available at a low of +750 and high of +1000.

Japan's odds range from +900 to +1200 to win the Women's World Cup.

Sweden's odds range from +2000 to +4350.

The betting odds for England swing from +2000 to +2600.

Norway is priced from +2500 to +3000.

Team Australia are installed  as +3300 up to +5000 underdogs.

Netherlands are on offer from +8000 to +10000.

Switzerland's ladies are given the odds of +6600 to +10000 to win it all.

The payoff on China varies from +6600 to +8000.

South Korea
South Korea are given virtually no chance by the oddsmakers priced at +15000 to +20000.

Colombia ranges from +10000 to +15000.

Cameroon has lottery style odds of +6600 to +10000.