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Facebook, BetFair, Unibet SBR Industry News w/ Natalie Rydstrom


Covered in this sportsbook news report:

TIME: 00:05 UniBet signs agreement to acquire Nordic Betting LTD
Unibet ( rated B- by SBR) signed an agreement last Wednesday to acquire Nordic Betting Limited, operator of Bet24 (rated C by SBR) As part of the $13.5 million acquisition, some of the Bet24 employees will be transferred to Unibet's Maltese headquarters. The deal is still subject to regulatory approval, which is expected to take place within the next two months. For more on this story please visit our website.

TIME: 00:41 BetFair (rated A- by SBR) launches new App Cloud Service
BetFair, rated A- by SBR, has been making a lot of positive noise recently. By the end of this week, BetFair, the betting exchange and casino operator will launch their new App Cloud service, offering software developers the opportunity to build their own transitional websites and widgets from their sports exchange platform.

TIME: 01:13 Facebook to offer real-money gambling
The world's largest social networking site Facebook is in early discussions with operators to offer real-money gambling on their platforms for UK users. The initial plan is to offer licenses to 8 individual operators in total over a period of time, with Facebook being used as a platform for the firms to integrate their applications. Rumor has it that Facebook has hired a significant number of staff to oversee the project to launch real-money play in the UK. If this is the case, Facebook is set to position itself to take a slice of the online gaming revenue in the regulated markets.

Also discussed by Natalie and Justin are the Sportsbook Review (SBR rating D+) payment issues; and a dispute involving a Sportsbook Review (SBR rating C) player needing to submit to an uncomfortable level of screening.