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Exclusivebet Sportsbook Confiscation, SBR Video Report


Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom delivers an SBR Industry news update for Friday, November 20.

The headline topic of today's show is an update on Exclusivebet Sportsbook (unrated) and their decision to confiscate €1,600 in earned winnings from a player who says his only crime is beating their linesmen at lower tier soccer leagues.

Exclusivebet's betting lines are powered by OddsMatrix of the EveryMatrix platform.

The online sportsbook has went on record accusing the punter of suspicious betting practices, and was unwilling to move off this position following Sportsbook Review's inquiry into the matter.

Exclusivebet had the following to say: "The client agreed joining on our site that per Terms and Conditions we do reserve the right to close the account at any time, should we suspect any misuse of the platform, or any attempt of fraud and criminal activity as stated at the Section 9: Collusion, Cheating, Fraud and Criminal Activity. We take any reasonable steps to comply with the site rules and avoid suspect activities made through the platform. As such, the deposit made by the aforementioned user has been accordingly returned to his account."

The player originally shared news of the confiscation at the SBR Sportsbook Forum. He has said that his wagers were mostly risking €20 to €70 and that he believes he's being penalized for not wagering major markets like the English Premier League, where he believes there to be less wagering value and quite possibly less scrutiny for beating the oddsmakers.

The complaint remains outstanding.