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Exbinog Payout Complaint Enters Month 5


An Exbinog Sportsbook player claims to have been owed 8300 PLN or $2,137 for five months.

The player allegedly had his account closed by the online sportsbook despite having completed their Know Your Customer (KYC) process successfully in the past.

He filed a complaint seeking assistance resolving the matter.

Exbinog is licensed by the government of Montenegro and holds e-gambling license number 5-0615951.

Exbinog Player: "To date I have not received any response.Unfortunately I was cheated and robbed of the very big money.I am grateful to everyone who is able to help me get it back. "

Very little feedback has been received from Exbinog players, though on May 27 SBR noted that a member updated a forum post confirming payment from the online sportsbook.

Exbinog sports bettors in need of assistance recovering payment are asked to file a sportsbook complaint.