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eSports Sportsbooks Rated in Largest Betting Sites Directory


Online sports bettors have access to the largest list of eSports accepting sportsbooks using the betting sites rating guide.

Sports bettors can find sportsbooks rated from A+ to D- offering eSports.

As of this publication, a total of 66 online sportsbooks allow players to bet on eSports. This number is expected to double within a year.

Former NBA player Rick Fox said in an interview that he expects eSports to eventually edge out the NHL and become the fourth biggest sports in the US, though Fox has a vested interest in that happening with his ownership of eSports club Echo Fox.

Not all betting websites are created equal, so SBR suggests players consider the resources at their disposal when settling on a new eSports betting site.

Custom Search for eSports Sportsbooks
Players can refine their search by including a number of other combinations with their eSports filter.

For instance, players can find all eSports accepting sportsbooks with a 20% or more free play bonus, or narrow it down further with sportsbooks in business four years or longer.

Countries accepted can also be included in the search, as well as a number of other sports specific options such as betting sites that offer 10-point NFL super teasers.

Financial Stability of eSports Betting Sites
Financial stability is the #1 most important factor when choosing an online sportsbook. The bells and whistles mean nothing at the end of the day if you have to sweat your next payout. SBR encourages eSports bettors to take part in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum or read member feedback on betting sites paying the fastest in June 2016.