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Enterbet player owed $600 accused of “casino discrepancies”

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An Enterbet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has submitted a complaint. The player has claimed that the betting site has owed him $600 since June of 2014, and is now refusing payment on the grounds that there are discrepancies with his play in the casino. He has claimed that Enterbet has not provided an explanation on what the discrepancies are.

The player has a balance of $1,500 with Enterbet and is worried he will not see a dime. The majority of the casino play was recorded through table games such as blackjack and craps.

The player discovered Enterbet's poor standing in the sportsbook ratings guide at D- and proceeded to file a sportsbook complaint seeking to recover his funds.

Enterbet has been a chronic slow-pay sportsbook since they were first added to the SBR guide in 2004.

Enterbet is a member of the GoTo Entertainment sportsbook group, which includes the betting sites in the table below. Sportsbook Review advises players to avoid the GoTo brand and stick with established sportsbooks that have proven track records with payouts.

Blacklisted Sites SBR Rating
AZcasino D
BamaSportsbook D-
CasinoNY D-
DCcasino D-
EnterBet D-
GetABet D-
GoToCasino D-
GoToEntertainment D-
HawaiiCasino D-
Ibetcasino D-
IndyCasino D-
JapanCasino D-
MexicoCasino D-
MiamiCasino D-
MinnesotaCasino D-
MoneyPlaysCasino D-
OrlandoSportsbook D-
VAcasino D-

Sportsbook Review has followed up on the player's complaint with Enterbet.

Sportsbook Review encourages Enterbet players with disputes to submit a sportsbook complaint form.