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EnterBet payment struggles follow them into the fall

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I have been under a payment plan for quite some time there- I believe you helped me in getting this but I have been betting very sporadically and so my balance is $1952.33.  I was being paid $250 perhaps every 3-5 months but the latest payment of $250 about 5 months ago I was given a bad WU number.  It would be nice if they could even reflect my true balance since they deducted $250 which was never paid.  I spoke with them many times and was getting the runaround.  I normally speak to Barry and then the guy above him appears to be Pablo.  Barry is always nice and apologetic over the phone and the few times I do get a Western Union, it is from him.  But then he disappeared and I began emailing frequently.  I was ignored over the span of perhaps 5-6 emails.  Then I got this one finally on 7/15/09:





Sorry for the delay in responding.

Your payout is still being delayed due to some company restructuring.  I have been asked by accounting to let you know that payments will  come but they will not be available in the short term.  The companies resources are committed to paying down former employees and keeping the operations running.  Please remain patient and contact me back in about two weeks for an update.

Thanks in advance,