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Dimeline Sportsbook player hopeful that bailout leads to cash withdrawal


In the summer of 2009, Dimeline was the subject of a number of negative reports for their treatment of bonus hunters. Dimeline had their sportsbook rating lowered twice during this period. Dimeline would offer high cash bonuses with small playing requirements hoping to jumpstart their sportsbook's activity. While successful, Dimeline's offer circulated across popular foreign bonus hunters websites. Droves of sharps players flocked to Dimeline—some of them acting in concert—to pick off the sportsbook's soft numbers that at the time were put up by inexperienced personnel.

Players who felt unfairly treated came to SBR to discuss what Dimeline had said to them during their correspondences. Players alleged threats were made to close accounts if complaints were disclosed via posting forums or submitted to SBR. Dimeline ultimately allowed SBR to make its suggestions on how to sever ties with their undesirable players whilst adhering to applicable industry standards. In one such case, a Dimeline player had his account balance prorated and successfully withdrew $9,976 in winnings.

Following the 2009/2010 baseball season, Dimeline hired a more experienced lines management team and revamped their bonus offerings to make their promotions less attractive to value hunters. Dimeline increased the rollover requirement behind most sportsbook promotions to 20X, and rolled out a cash-back bonus option that discounted wager juice and periodically released funds into player accounts.

In January of 2011, Dimeline was upgraded from D to D+. In February of 2011, a player reported that he was not paid $2,000 from a two-year old dispute that occurred in the aforementioned summer of 2009. SBR followed up on the player's sportsbook complaint and confirmed most of his details. Dimeline challenged aspects of the player's time-line, but ultimately paid the amount in question to settle the dispute.

Dimeline bails out Parlaymakers players
Following the collapse of Parlaymakers, Dimeline agreed to credit up to $1,000 to players that were stiffed after the scam sportsbook went off-line. Eligible players were given the cash bonuses upfront with a standard 10X rollover. SBR has confirmed that six players redeemed the offer for a total of $5,600. Dimeline tells SBR that all but one player has busted out, and one player appears to be on his way to making a withdrawal.

In light of the strides Dimeline has made in revamping their bonus offerings, and the period of time that has passed without payout complaints being filed, SBR has upgraded Dimeline Sportsbook to the rating of C.