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Dimeline Sports Payout Complaint Update & Feedback Wanted


A Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player originally filed a payout complaint last month.

The player won a total of $2,370 off a deposit of $500 which was made by credit card.

He made several parlay and straight sports wagers before going on a positive run.

He reported that he was told he had to wait 30 days before he could request a withdrawal due to his deposit method, which is a common standard.

The situation then took a bizarre turn: He was accused of "non-recreational betting" and was told that he would not be paid. His account was further disabled.

The owner of BTG Global NV, the parent company which provides Dimeline with its processing and resources, addressed the complaint with Sportsbook Review and stated that Dimeline customer service was incorrect; the player was to be paid in the regular time-frame.

The player then claimed that the funds were sent to a location he did not reside in any longer and has not for the past three years. He has since been reissued a new payout, and Sportsbook Review has asked the player to confirm when he receives his final payment.

His account is closed with Dimeline, but according to the owner of BTG Global, he was always being paid his balance but simply his action was not wanted at the online sportsbook.

Sports betting websites are within their right to refuse to service any account, but must pay all winnings.

Dimeline is rated slightly higher at D than online sportsbook (D-) who are also under BTG Global NV as the latter has an outstanding $1,000 winnings dispute. The complaint involves a player who the online sportsbook insist knew he was circumventing an NHL prop bet wagering limit; the sportsbook would only pay half of the value of the ticket following SBR's intervention. The complaint remains open, and due to their stance and violation of industry standard is part of the sportsbook blacklist.

Dimeline players with feedback or issues should submit a sportsbook complaint.