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DHoze player has balance forfeited after providing ID

The player tells SportsbookReview that when asked to provide identification, he first sent a national ID that expired August 24th, 2012. The player asked DHoze for a week’s time to get a new ID. After providing the ID, the player claimed he was told his account was good to go.

DHoze instead removed the player’s balance, refunding the €40 deposit.

DHoze is based in Malta and licensed by the LGA.

SBR urges players to verify that their identification documents are up to date and avoid sending outdated or inaccurate paperwork to online sportsbooks. Most all licensed sportsbooks have strict Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. In this case, a player gave an expired ID card, and in just a week’s time submitted a new form of ID.

DHoze was not available for comment regarding the dispute. SBR advised the player that he could launch a follow-up complaint with the Malta LGA if his story is as told.

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