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Deceptive operator solicits another deposit


Unsuspecting player: I was contacted by Brad Johnson at 1-800-***-**** who said he was from Bet Legends and offered me a 150% bonus on a deposit of $890 plus 25% Gamblers Insurance. I agreed and sent the money via Money Gram because I thought that I was dealing with a A rated site at However when I went to that site to check my account balance I discovered there was nothing there, and then I called Bet Legends and they said they had not received any money from me. So I called Brad Johnson back and he told me that their website was I looked it up on your site and found that it was D rated with a payout problem as recent as March 2012. I called Brad Johnson back for a refund but he said it was too late. Is there any way u can help me get my $$$ out of that site. I have placed two bets on the site so far, but I’m willing to take out the existing cash balance and move along to another site. 

The deceptive practice has fooled players before, as SBR reported a player deposited $500 with the copycat branded site after also being misled. In that instance, LegendSportsbook agreed to return the player’s $500 deposit.

Players are advised not to immediately send a cash deposit to any sportsbook following a sales call, unless the player confirms that the phone number, web site, or account details purported to belong to them are legitimate. Many outright scam operators will attempt to solicit direct cash deposits with no intention of crediting the player at all. Players should always take the extra effort to follow up and confirm the authenticity of any such bonus offers.

RDG Corp owner Robbie McPhail is attempting to seperate his family of sportsbooks into three brands — AmericasBookie, 1Vice, and Bet33. His attempt is likely motivated by a desire to begin new brands under parent companies not attached to bad press, as is the case with Bet33. Bet33 was Robbie’s first venture since running Apex Sportsbook into the ground, leaving players without their funds. SBR successfully assisted a former Apex player in receiving payment after six years.

SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.