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December 2016: Share Your Sportsbook Payout Experience

SBR Forum has created the December 2016 live sportsbook payout experiences post. Each month SBR Forum members log how long it has taken them to receive payment from sports betting sites, including whether or not a fee was associated with each transactions.

Word of mouth helps players gauge which sport betting sites are having issues processing withdrawals, and which betting sites are among the quickest paying companies serving the sportsbook industry today.

December 2016 Sportsbook Payout Experience Post

Use the post to confirm when you have received payment from an online sportsbook, and how long it took.

Feel free to include the amount received and fees paid.

Please limit discussion to only what is necessary so members can easily read confirmed payouts.
If you have NOT received a payout from a sportsbook, please file a sportsbook complaint. Only use this thread to post confirmations of receiving payouts as outlined above.